Zhostovo Certification Program

Learn to paint like the Master Zhostovo Painters

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This program will take you from the basic flower forms to painting flowers, fruits,
animals and scenes using the authentic techniques of the Zhostovo Master Painters.

Tricia Joiner offers a certification program for serious painters who want to be highly skilled and qualified to teach Zhostovo painting or to perfect their skills for their own enjoyment. The courses will be taught by Tricia, an American decorative painting instructor with almost 40 years of teaching experience including 16 years team teaching with Slava Letkov, the acknowledged Grand Master of the living Zhostovo artists. Students learn the authentic techniques as they are traditionally painted in Russia, changing only the medium from oils to acrylics. Some of the video demonstrations will be done by Slava.

There are five levels of certification. For each level, the student must participate in a seminar and paint and submit five pieces for critique. These pieces are chosen by the student from a selection of provided designs which are appropriate for each level. They must be critiqued and passed before obtaining the certification for that particular level and going on to the next level. Pictured below are the certification trays for the five levels.