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Zhostovo Certification Program

Tricia's Legacy Designs offers a certification program for serious painters who want to be highly skilled and qualified to teach Zhostovo painting or to perfect their skills for their own enjoyment.  The students will be studying with, Slava Letkov, a Master Zhostovo Artist and Tricia Joiner, an American decorative painting instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience.  Students learn the authentic techniques as they are traditionally painted in Russia, changing only the medium from oils to acrylics.   

There are five levels of certification.  For each level, the student must attend a once a year seminar and paint and submit five pieces for critique.  These pieces are chosen by the student from a selection of provided designs which are appropriate for each level and must be painted, submitted, and passed before obtaining the certification for that particular level.


One of our purposes in starting this certification program is to train some new teachers to help teach introductory classes.  This will allow us to spend more time using the Zhostovo artists' prolific designing abilities to teach larger painting projects.  This program also gives the students the opportunity to teach the introductory classes with support for their teaching using unpublished materials.

For those who are not interested in teaching but want to challenge their personal painting skills, we offer personal assistance and a wide variety of projects to further your growth as an artist.

Our goals include:

  • Creating an atmosphere which will improve the skills of those interested in Zhostovo painting

  • Educating the students regarding the authentic Zhostovo techniques, history, and traditions

  • Providing the students with the credentials for recognition of excellence in authentic Zhostovo style painting.